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Wildlife Removal And Exclusion In Bryan, TX

Worry Less About Wildlife Running Through Your Bryan Property

Life in Bryan is synonymous with the great outdoors. From open fields to dense forests, it’s a candid look at Texas’s unsullied landscapes — and the wildlife creatures that call them home. Today, there are hundreds of different wildlife species that can find themselves around your Bryan property, some of which pose serious threats to you, your pets, and your property.

Wildlife creatures vary considerably in terms of aggression and danger. Some of these animals, including raccoons, make a mess of trash cans and compost piles. Others, including skunks and opossums, have the potential to spread serious diseases. Each of these creatures may attack when threatened, which could put you and your pets in harm’s way.

If you’re looking for a way to remove wildlife from your property while preventing them from ever coming back to your home, you can rely on the professionals at D. Lee Pest Services to protect what matters most. We offer multifaceted wildlife removal programs that stop infestations in their tracks, then exclude the pests from getting back inside your home using high-quality materials.

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What To Expect From Our Wildlife Removal And Exclusion Service

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The professionals at D. Lee Pest Services have everything you need to get started with wildlife removal fast. We offer tried-and-true methods of controlling the area’s most serious pest wildlife, including opossums, raccoons, armadillos, and more. We use a two-step process to get your home or business back into tip-top shape: 

  1. Setting and monitoring live traps: We take care of the trapping, removal, and release of wildlife animals around your property. Since we check traps daily or every other day, we don’t set up any live traps unless we know we can release pests promptly. All wildlife animals are then released away from the property to protect your home or business. 

  2. Finding entry points to seal off: We use a combination of wired mesh and foam to seal up entry points within a certain size bracket. We pay close attention to areas near windows and doors and provide our honest opinion about next steps. It even comes with a 30-day warranty! Please keep in mind there is an extra cost for exclusion work. 

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Our Wildlife Removal And Exclusion Process

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Set Traps

We set up and monitor live wildlife traps to catch the animal in question. Our ultimate goal is to find their entry point so we can install multiple traps near the most heavily trafficked areas. Our wildlife experts check traps daily or every other day to keep an eye on the removal process. There’s no need to worry about trapping pests yourself; we handle the whole process from beginning to end.

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Releasing Animals

With wildlife animals safely captured in our traps, we can easily remove pests from your home and relocate them in a humane manner. We only release pests in locations that are multiple miles away so they don’t come back after a successful removal. Since we don’t leave animals in traps longer than necessary, we can better ensure the safety of you and the wild animal in question.

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Exclusion Work

We prevent wildlife animals from returning to your home by creating an exclusionary barrier around the interior and exterior of your property. First, we patch holes that may inadvertently let wild animals inside, especially those near other entry points like doors and windows. Then, we use a combination of materials like wired mesh, foam, or sealant to eliminate entry points with a 30-day warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife Removal

D. Lee Pest Services has experience controlling pests like opossums, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and armadillos. However, other wildlife animals within a similar size bracket may fall within our guidelines for removal and exclusion. You’re welcome to give us a call at any time to chat about your professional wildlife removal options.

Removing Unwanted Wildlife With D. Lee Pest Services

Wildlife animals in the Bryan area can feel next to impossible to remove. Instead of relying on dangerous DIY efforts or waiting for pests to clear up on their own, you can turn to the professionals at D. Lee Pest Services to resolve wildlife infestations instantly. We have decades of experience in the local wildlife removal industry and would be happy to assist you and your loved ones as well. 

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