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Rodent Control And Exclusion In Bryan, TX

Rooting Out Rodents From Your Bryan Home Or Business

Few things are worse than a rodent infestation in southeastern Texas. Between house mice scurrying into cracks and crevices and roof rats dropping in unannounced, it can be difficult to get infestations under control without the help of an outside expert. Speed should be your utmost concern; since most infestations last indefinitely without treatment, you and your loved ones may be at risk for disease. 

The professional team at D. Lee Pest Services is more than willing to help. Offering years of experience in the rodent removal space, we’ve served dozens of properties, both commercial and residential, with long-term rat or mouse control. All we need is the go-ahead from you; our team can take care of the rest. 

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What To Expect From Our Rodent Control Service

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Who said rodent control in Bryan had to be complicated? With D. Lee Pest Services by your side, it’s simple and easy to schedule rodent removal virtually right away.  

We use a multi-step process to protect your home and get rid of rodents in Bryan for good, starting with: 

  • Inspections: We set up a rodent inspection for your first appointment. Our primary goal is to identify where pests are getting in, what their attractant factors are, and what solutions can help you remove them from the home. We also want to determine whether your issue is seasonal or continual in nature. 

  • Treatments: We install bait boxes, traps, and rodent stations around your home or business. Our team provides all the information necessary to make the best treatment decision for your property. Although we usually offer same-day rodent treatments on the day of your inspection, we don’t schedule visits any later than two days after our visit. 

  • Exclusion: If you’re worried about rodents returning in the future, we also provide comprehensive rodent exclusion services. For a small fee, we can apply mesh and foam to your property and keep pests out for the foreseeable future. All our exclusion work comes with a 30-day warranty so you can rest easy knowing you made the right decision. 

Don’t wait a second more to protect your property from rats and mice. Contact D. Lee Pest Services today to set up your Texas rodent control service.

Our Rodent Control Process

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We investigate your home or business for the signs of a rodent infestation. We may look for cracks, gaps, and entry points, as well as tiny holes that rodents may use to access your property. If we locate any nesting material or live rodents in your home, we let you know as soon as possible so you can make an informed decision about next steps.

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We offer rodent baits, traps, and monitoring stations to keep an eye on your property. Although we typically provide same-day rodent treatments, we can schedule your home for service within the next two days. You just sit back and relax; our experts check traps every day or every other day and bait stations monthly or quarterly.

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For an extra fee, we can help you prevent future rodent infestations with the help of exclusion services. We patch up small holes and other entry points with mesh, foam, and other exclusionary materials. Our team is always honest and candid about the work we provide, so you never have to worry about unexpected fees or hidden last-minute costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodent Control

Every rodent exclusion service from D. Lee Pest Services utilizes wired mesh, foam, and similar solutions. We may only need to use one tool to exclude rats and mice from your home. However, if you're dealing with complex entry points, we combine two or more solutions to create a performant solution for your property. Contact us today for more details.

Rodent Control Services Built To Last

Rat and mouse infestations can be tricky to manage, and even trickier to get rid of for good. Luckily, the professional team at D. Lee Pest Services can help you manage rodent infestations before they establish deep roots around your property.  

D. Lee Pest Services offers a variety of treatment options to protect the people and pets you love, including bait boxes, traps, and rodent stations. Whether you have a small family home or a large commercial business, we have the tools you need to keep rodents out no matter the time of year. 

Get home pest control and commercial pest control solutions from a team that cares by calling D. Lee Pest Services today. We look forward to offering a personalized quote and scheduling your initial inspection.

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