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Are Mosquitoes Keeping You Stuck Inside Your Bryan, College Station, Or Surrounding Area Home?

Mosquitoes are one of the most irritating pests on the planet. With no obvious redeeming qualities to put them in our good graces, they seem to live just to annoy us. Swarming, buzzing, and biting whenever you step outside your door, it can feel like they’re on a mission to stop you from enjoying your backyard.

Reducing their population on your property is wise, not only because it allows you to get outside again, but also because it helps prevent you from contracting one of the many dangerous diseases mosquitoes spread. If you have too many mosquitoes or other home pest control issues on your Bryan, College Station, or surrounding area property, it’s time to call D. Lee Pest Services.

Our Mosquito Control Offerings

mosquito up close on standing water around home

Most mosquitoes don’t travel a great distance from the areas where they hatch, so eliminating as many breeding grounds on your property as possible is a good way to start reducing the mosquito populations in your yard. You can help in this process by eliminating as many areas of standing water as you can. Water can gather in many places you may not think of, such as clogged gutters, overturned toys, and even inside tire swings. By identifying and eliminating (or regularly emptying) these areas, you’ll help reduce the places where mosquitoes can breed.

Some breeding areas cannot be eliminated, however. That’s where D. Lee Pest Services comes in. We design our mosquito control treatments to take care of mosquitoes in all stages of development. We’ll treat standing water, low areas on your lawn where water may pool, wet spots, and areas with poor drainage; this helps eliminate mosquito larvae.

We’ll then treat trees, shrubs, and landscaping near your house; this targets the adult mosquitoes in the areas where they rest during the day. Although there’s no way to eliminate every single mosquito, this treatment drastically reduces the number you’ll encounter when you spend time outdoors.

Our mosquito control treatment is a monthly service. We’ll return to your property every 30 days during mosquito season to re-treat and keep the mosquitoes away. We also offer our mosquito control service as a one-time service for special events.

A Pleasant Outdoor Space Is Within Your Grasp

If mosquitoes have stolen your outdoor living area, it’s time to take it back. With mosquito control services from D. Lee Pest Services, you can greatly reduce the mosquitoes on your Bryan, College Station, or surrounding area property, making it a safer, more pleasant place to spend time. If you’re ready to take back your yard, contact D. Lee Pest Services today.

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