Four Signs Your College Station Property Has A Carpenter Ant Problem

up close of black ant

It’s a safe assumption that you don’t want any ants in your College Station home, right? If those ants destroy the wood inside the property, leading to costly repair bills, you should really want to keep them out. Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with carpenter ants that’s exactly what might happen. Carpenter ants are a species of ant that build their nests inside of wood. In doing so, they can cause all sorts of destruction to properties if they choose to build their colonies inside of it. Therefore, you need to know the preventative steps that you can take to keep carpenter ants out of your College Station property. Moreover, if carpenter ants do infest your home, you need to know the effective ant control solutions you can rely upon to get them out and limit their destruction. 

What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like?

Carpenter ants grow to be about 5/8th of an inch long. They are typically red, black, or a combination of the two. Carpenter ants live in colonies that are comprised of castes. These castes include workers, soldiers, and reproductives, the latter of which have wings. If you spot a winged ant in your home, it is most likely a carpenter ant.

Carpenter ants are often compared to termites due to their penchant for destroying wood. However, unlike termites that feed on the organic material found in wood, carpenter ants only build their nests inside of it. As such, carpenter ants are not considered to be as destructive as termites. However, their colonies can grow to be quite large, so they can still do a lot of damage if they are not dealt with promptly.

Four Signs Of Carpenter Ant Infestations

Because carpenter ants do not eat the wood in which they are living, they still must go out and forage for food. Therefore, one of the biggest indicators of a

  1. The appearance of small holes in the wood in your home.
  2. Sawdust-like wood shavings on the floor beneath the holes.
  3. Soft, rustling noises coming from inside the walls.
  4. The appearance of the shed wings of the reproductives on the surfaces of your home.

carpenter ant infestation in your home is spotting the ants walking around. In addition to this, some other signs of a carpenter ant infestation include:

Carpenter Ant Prevention Techniques

To keep carpenter ants out of your College Station home, you should try to remove any potential food sources that might be attracting them inside. You should also address any moisture issues in your home and seal off any potential entry points. This includes:

  • Store food in airtight containers or the refrigerator.
  • Take out the trash regularly and store trash in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Use dehumidifiers to address any moisture issues in your home.
  • Remove or replace any water-damaged or decaying wood.
  • Fix leaking pipes or fixtures.
  • Keep gutters free of debris to prevent flooding. 
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Install weatherstripping around windows and exterior doors.
  • Seal any cracks in the foundation of your home.

Trim branches back from the exterior of your home.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants From Your Home?

If you notice any of the signs of a carpenter ant infestation, call the professionals here at D. Lee Pest Services right away. Remember, the longer a carpenter ant infestation is allowed to persist, the more damage it can cause. Therefore, time is a factor.

Not only will we effectively eliminate any current infestations, but we will also work with you to better secure your home from future infestations. Don’t let carpenter ants make their home inside the wood in yours. Call D. Lee Pest Services right away.