The Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches On Your College Station Property

roach next to gaming controller

Exterior Attractants

Before you get rid of cockroaches, you need to stop roaches from hanging out near your home. Makes sense, right? There is nothing more frustrating than having new roaches coming in to replace the ones you've gotten rid of. Here are a few attractants to consider:

  • Remove leaf litter, grass clippings, wood scraps, branch piles, and other organic materials.
  • Reduce mulch in areas that are too thick.
  • Trim the vegetation in your landscaping to create a habitat that is dry.
  • Clean your gutters to prevent oversaturation of your perimeter.
  • Keep your bagged trash in covered containers that are as clean as possible.
  • Remove all sources of food that can be removed. Be aware that moist cardboard or paper are food sources for roaches. Roaches will also eat pet waste.

Entry Points

When cockroaches explore your walls, you want them to have a difficult time finding gaps, cracks or holes. Inspect your entire exterior and seal any entry points you find. Pay close attention to these trouble spots:

  • Weatherstripping around exterior doors
  • Door sweeps on exterior doors
  • Gaps around water mains
  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Damaged mortar around bricks or stone
  • Damaged screens
  • Unprotected weep holes


Now that your exterior is more resistant, it is time to do the most important thing you can do. Clean your home. Cockroaches thrive in a home that is dirty. They can subsist on many things you would not consider to be food.

  • Rotting organic matter in your kitchen trash bin
  • Rotting juices
  • Decaying food particles on your kitchen floor or underneath your appliances
  • Grease and grime on the sides of your oven
  • The gunk in your kitchen drains
  • Toothpaste, dead skin cells, hair, and also feces, in your bathroom

If you want to have any hope of deterring cockroaches, you need to deep clean. This is a hard job but it is well worth doing as it stunts population growth and also helps to prevent cockroach-related illnesses.


While cockroaches prefer to eat food that is past due or rotting, they'll also eat fresh food. Take steps to keep food protected.

  • Put pantry foods in sealed containers.
  • Store your potatoes in a sealed bin.
  • Don't leave food on the counter or kitchen island uncovered.
  • Put dirty dishes in soapy water.
  • Don't leave pet food down. Just put it down during meals and never leave food out overnight.


Cockroaches prefer to live in a home that is humid or damp. You need to consider moisture in all its forms.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom when you take a shower or bath.
  • Fix faucets or showerheads that are leaking.
  • Refrain from leaving water in your tub between uses.
  • Install dehumidifiers in spaces that stay humid.
  • Targeted Control Products And Monitoring.

There are many products for exterminating cockroaches. They must be appropriately selected and administered in order to achieve results. Cockroaches can develop a resistance to chemicals and they can develop a bait aversion. It is best to have targeted control handled by a professional. A professional will also provide monitoring to ensure that all the roaches have been eliminated. It is best to not do this on your own because there are far too many ways DIY cockroach control can fall short.

College Station Cockroach Control

If you need assistance with cockroaches and you live in the College Station area, remember that the service team here at D. Lee Pest Services is always standing by to help. We use industry-leading methods and products to get the best results.