Five Easy Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your College Station Home

spider up close

Are you tired of spider webs accumulating on your ceiling, or of feeling something crawling all over you at night? If so, you may need to take action to keep spiders out of your home. There are several common spiders in College Station, but these tips deter all of the most frequent home-invading spiders.

1. Know The Local Spiders

Although most of the local spider species are harmless, you should still know how to identify these College Station pests. Jumping spiders and crevice spiders are frequently found around properties, and won't do much harm to you. However, the wolf spider is also local and can have a painful bite. While it may not put you in the hospital, a bite from a wolf spider could leave you with a large bump and pain. 
By far, the most dangerous local spiders are the brown recluse and the black widow. If bitten by either of these spiders, you will need medical care. That said, you're not very likely to come across either spider. Aptly named, the brown recluse doesn't like to be near humans, and the black widow also likes to hide away from people.

2. Keep A Clean Home

Perhaps the best way to keep spiders out is to maintain a clean home. Because spiders eat insects, they are most attracted to homes that have a problem with flies, roaches, and other pests. One of the most effective methods of spider prevention is to keep other pests out, and that means maintaining a clean home. 
In addition to cleaning up after meals, you should also take the time to do a deep clean. Once every three or four months, pull out your appliances and clean those hard-to-reach places. Doing so will make your home much less appealing to insects and spiders.
Decluttering is also a good way to reduce your chances of seeing a spider in your home. If you have clutter, spiders and other pests will have plenty of places to hide. 

3. Clean Your Yard

Do you have piles of sticks and leaves in your yard? What about junk piles of pallets and old car parts? If so, you're attracting spiders and all types of pests into your yard. Take the time to clean your yard and keep it well-maintained all year long. There will be fewer hiding places for spiders. 

4. Reduce Food Availability To Other Pests

Although spiders won't try to eat your cereal or leftover crumbs, they will eat the pests that go after your food. To deter spiders, make your food unavailable to pests like cockroaches and Indian meal moths.
Proper food storage is essential. If you keep your dried food in the original packaging, you may experience a problem with pests. Store your food in tightly sealed containers, and do the same with your trash. 

5. Eliminate Entrances

Take some time to think about how spiders might be getting into your home. Are there holes in your screens or cracks in your walls? If so, you'll need to act quickly. The only way to keep spiders away is to eliminate all potential pest entrances. 
As you inspect your home, remind yourself that spiders can get in through tiny openings. A small gap under your door could be wide enough for a large spider to enter through.

Work With Us

Despite your intense efforts at spider prevention, there's no way to guarantee that spiders will stay out. Your best chance at protecting your home is to work with the experts at D. Lee Pest Services.

Give us a call for more advice or assistance. With our help, you can make your home a spider-free zone.